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Oblong Earrings - Sterling Silver
Oblong Butterfly Earrings

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Made from real butterfly wings, framed in 950 Sterling Silver.

The Oblong earring are a smaller earring and one of our most popular styles. The back and front of all of our jewelry is finished to the same very high quality so it can be reversed.

Available in a selection of colors - see alternative views for photos and color/species description below. (Add matching "oblong" pendant to your order...)

Item# Item Name Qty Add
PJU-4498-SL-101 Oblong - Light Blue Feather #101
PJU-4498-SL-102 Oblong - Blue/Green Tint #102
PJU-4498-SL-103 Oblong - Red and Black #103
PJU-4498-SL-104 Oblong - Deep Blue #104
PJU-4498-SL-105 Oblong - Green and Gold #105
PJU-4498-SL-106 Oblong - Green and Black Stripe #106
PJU-4498-SL-107 Oblong - Delicate Sky Blue #107
PJU-4498-SL-108 Oblong - Gold & Emerald Limited Item
PJU-4498-SL-109 Oblong - Yellow Spot #109
PJU-4498-SL-110 Oblong - Orange & Blue #110
PJU-4498-SL-115 Oblong - Yellow & Brown #115
PJU-4498-SL-116 Oblong (950 Sterling) - Shimmering Blues (#116)
PJU-4498-SL-117 Oblong (950 Sterling) - Blue Top (#117)
PJU-4498-SL-112 Oblong - Sterling Silver -Rainbow #112 +$3.50
PJU-4498-SL-MIX Oblong - Mix of Colors
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More Information:
  • Materials: Real Butterfly Wings, 950 Sterling Silver, Acrylic Glass Insert
  • Size Excluding Hook: 3/4"h x 1/2"w (2cm x 1.5cm)

Blue Feather - #101 101: Light Blue Feather – (Species: Malachite) An interesting mix of browns and blue-greens
Blue/Green Tint - #102 #102: Blue & Green Tint - (Species: Prepona) A green coloration that shimmers with tints of blue in the right light.
Red & Black #103 #103: Red & Black - (Species: Diaethria Clymena) Red with black and white patterns often in the lucky shape of 88.
Blue - #104 #104: Morpho Blue - (Species: Blue Morpho) Deep blue coloration of the Blue Morpho Butterfly (One of our most popular).
Green/Gold - #105 #105: Green Gold - (Species: Callithea leprieuri) A darker green with a golden coloration and black spots – most striking in larger styles
Green/Black - #106 #106: Green & Black: (Species: Urania Leylus) Using two types of green wings to get a mix of green, black and white.
Sky Blue - #107 #107: Sky Blue: (Species: Morpho Sulkowskyi) Shimmers light blue - a very delicate coloration of, almost translucent until it turn a bright blue!
Emerald green - #108 #108: Emerald & Gold: Emerald green with tints of gold - this is a very small butterfly and we can only breed very limited quantities so is not often in stock.

#109: Orange/Yellow Spot: (Species: Callicore Cynosura) Orange and yellow with white/blue dots.
Orange/Blue - #110 #110: Orange & Blue: (Species: Chrysiridia Rhipheus & Blue Morpho) Using two wings, the edge of the Chrysiridia flows into the blue morpho.
Rainbow - #112 #112: Rainbow: (Species: Chrysiridia Rhipheus/Sunset Moth) Greens and oranges, almost metallic in color, this is a very popular and hard to get wing (Cost can vary due to the difficulties is breeding)
Red Dot - #113 #113: Red Dot: (Species: Callithea leprieuri) Red and cream dots with black.
yellow/brown - #115 #115: Yellow & Brown - (Species: Malachite / Phoebis philea) #101 placed over a yellow to make a bright and different coloration.
Shimmer Blues - #116 #116: Shimmering Blues: (Species: Blue Morpho / Morpho Sulkowskyi) Two tones of blue, using the edge of the blue Morpho wing, it is a beautiful contrast with the light transparent blues of the Morpho Sulkowskyi.
Blue Top - #117 #117: Blue Top: (Species: Prepona / Malachite) The two wings placed over each other adding a nice addition of color to the Malachite.
#118: Blue Stripe: (Species: Morpho / ) Coming Soon

Made in Peru
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