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4904 SE 41st Ave,
Portland, Oregon 97202
Office: 503-662-2553

About Silver Tree Designs:

Silvertree Designs was founded in 2011 by Stuart Smith to carry on a passion for fair trade. After working with "Pachamama World - A World of Artisans, Stuart went on to work with Global Exchange's Fair Trade Wholesale division.

When Global Exchange's Fair Trade divisions sadly closed its doors, many producers that had been built up with the commitment of long term relationships, were left without customers. After working for many years with these producers, seeing everything that had been built and achieved get destroyed, was devastating to watch. Many of the producers were passed on to other Fair Trade Organizations, who were able to keep supporting many of the wonderful projects.

Silver Tree Designs was founded to give support to a butterfly breeding and jewelry artisans project in Peru, ensuring a long term trade partnership was kept. Silver Tree Designs hopes to bring quality boutique fair trade jewelry to retail stores across the country. Silver tree designs is a supporter of Fair World Project a 501c3 that distributes a free print publication dedicated to all aspects of the fair trade and organics movement. You can pick up a copy at your local Whole Foods grocery store, or you can request to receive the current copy of this publication in your shipment of our jewelry.

Thank you for your support.