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Small Rectangle Shape Earrings - STERLING SILVER
Small Rectangle Shape Earrings Sterling Silver

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These earrings are made from real butterfly wings, framed in 950 sterling silver.

Our Small Rectangle Shape earrings are a smaller version of the popular large rectangle earrings. They are designed to match with our large rectangle butterfly wing pendants to make a earring and pendant set.

The smaller design creates a lower price point as well as appealing to customers who prefer a smaller earring.

See color options below

Item# Item Name Qty Add
PJU-500SM-SL-101 Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver -Light Blue Feather (#101)
PJU-500SM-SL-102 Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver -Blue Green Tint (#102)
PJU-500SM-SL-103 Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver -Red & Black (#103)
PJU-500SM-SL-104 Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver -Deep Blue (#104)
PJU-500SM-SL-105 Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver -Green Gold (#105)
PJU-500SM-SL-106 Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver -Green & Black (#106)
PJU-500SM-SL-107 Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver -Sky Blue (#107)
PJU-500SM-SL-110 Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver -Orange & Blue (#110)
PJU-500SM-SL-112 Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver -Rainbow (#112)
PJU-500SM-SL-116 Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver -Shimmering Blues (#116)
PJU-500SM-SL-MIX Small Rectangle Earring - Sterling Silver - MIX COLORS
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More Information:
  • Materials: Sterling Silver, Acrylic glass, Real Butterfly Wings.
    Size: Excluding Hook - 1" x .5" (2.5cm x 1.25cm)
    Country of Origin: Peru

101: Light Blue Feather – (Species: Malachite) An interesting mix of browns and blue-greens
#102: Blue & Green Tint - (Species: Prepona) A green coloration that shimmers with tints of blue in the right light.
#103: Red & Black - (Species: Diaethria Clymena) Red with black and white patterns often in the lucky shape of 88.
#104: Morpho Blue - (Species: Blue Morpho) Deep blue coloration of the Blue Morpho Butterfly (One of our most popular).
#105: Green Gold - (Species: Callithea leprieuri) A darker green with a golden coloration and black spots – most striking in larger styles
#106: Green & Black: (Species: Urania Leylus) Using two types of green wings to get a mix of green, black and white.
#107: Sky Blue: (Species: Morpho Sulkowskyi) Shimmers light blue - a very delicate coloration of, almost translucent until it turn a bright blue!

#109: Orange/Yellow Spot: (Species: Callicore Cynosura) Orange and yellow with white/blue dots.
#110: Orange & Blue: (Species: Chrysiridia Rhipheus & Blue Morpho) Using two wings, the edge of the Chrysiridia flows into the blue morpho.
#111: Marble: (Species: Dione Moneta/Gulf Fritillary) Shimmering silver spots, browns and hues of red/orange.
#112: Rainbow: (Species: Chrysiridia Rhipheus/Sunset Moth) Greens and oranges, almost metallic in color, this is a very popular and hard to get wing (Cost can vary due to the difficulties is breeding)
#113: Red Dot: (Species: Callithea leprieuri) Red and cream dots with black.
#115: Yellow & Brown - (Species: Malachite / Phoebis philea) #101 placed over a yellow to make a bright and different coloration.
#116: Shimmering Blues: (Species: Blue Morpho / Morpho Sulkowskyi) Two tones of blue, using the edge of the blue Morpho wing, it is a beautiful contrast with the light transparent blues of the Morpho Sulkowskyi.
#117: Blue Top: (Species: Prepona / Malachite) The two wings placed over each other adding a nice addition of color to the Malachite.

Made in Peru

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